Export Consultancy

MESSUM Export helps Spanish companies develop their exports.


Comercial Representation

Drive your sales with our network of international sales agents.


International Marketing

Without marketing your product will be lost amid the competition.


English for Export

English is the world’s business language. It is essential for export.


Export consultancy

Spanish companies that wish to develop their international
trade can do so with the help of MESSUMexport.

We offer a full export consultancy service to help you answer
the following questions:
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Situational Analysis – Where are we?

A detailed diagnosis of your company’s readiness for export.

Market Research – Where do we want to be?

Research and identification of potential export markets.

Export Strategy – How do we get there?

An in depth 24 month export plan identifying potential clients and
key distribution strategies.


Commercial Representation

A dedicated export sales agent can give your products
the extra push they need in unknown markets.

In addition to their local market knowledge and experience
MESSUMexport agents can organise and perform the
following activities:
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Planning commercial visits

Attendance at International Trade Fairs

Client searches and regular market reports

Importer analysis and risk prevention

Conflict resolution and payment issues

Ongoing sales support

International marketing

International Marketing

Without sustained marketing support your product is likely
to be lost amid the competition in foreign markets.

MESSUMexport can help it stand out by offering various
marketing support services.
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Brand Development

Create the perfect brand to suit your target market.

3D Product Design

Turn your ideas into realities without large production costs.

International Social Marketing

Let MESSUMexport become your community manager.


English for Export

English is without doubt the world’s business language.
As Spanish companies rely ever more on export markets
so the need for clear and concise communication in English
is ever increasing.Our unique ‘English for Export’ course offers (among others)
the following modules:
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Planning for Export

Presenting Your Products


Logistics / INCOTERMS

International Commercial Law

About Us

Messum Export – Export Marketing Solutions.

Set up in 2008 Messum Export is a small export consultancy with a global mindset. We believe firmly that international trade, as well as making good business sense, can generate a better understanding of the diverse markets and cultures of the world.

As the world gets smaller new markets continue to open up and for the internationally minded business a raft of new opportunities lie in store.
Our mission is to ensure small Spanish producers make the most of these opportunities by developing their understanding of international trade and at all times taking care of their brand internationally.

We invite you to look over our website and discover our range of ‘Export Marketing Solutions’


Our client

Without the help of MESSUMexport we could not have entered the UK and German markets with such force. From start to finish they have been central to our export expansion, provided invaluable market insight and continued sales support. I would not hesitate to t recommend their services to any SME wishing to establish and consolidate their international business”

Raul Garcia, Director of Sales, Pago de Tharsys S.L.

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